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screens showing screenshots of animated videos and explainer videos

Recruitment Challenges

Recruiters seeing cards of possible candidates for a job depicting the hr challengues
  • Shortage of talent is one of the main concerns. 63% of recruiters surveyed confirmed this (Glassdoor).

  • Companies need to attract better talent to fill their job openings.

  • Companies lack differentiation in their job posts & descriptions to attract higher qualified candidates.

The Impact On
Your Business

  • The longer it takes to fill a job opening, the more money a company loses (Non-productive time from the open position, additional recruitment costs, etc.)

  • Employee turnover is costly to Companies (training, learning curve, new hiring process, etc.)


Animation is 95% more engaging and memorable than text.
Our video solutions will allow you to reach a broader, and more talented audience and position your brand as creative and innovative.

Animated Job Ad

A job animated video ad (1-2 min) to engage potential candidates and drag them into a journey through the exciting opportunities the organization has for them.

Explainer Video

An explainer video is the most efficient and captivating way to explain your processes, products, or services to your audience, clients, collaborators, and investors. They can also save some headaches for your employee onboarding and training initiatives.

How You Benefit

Connect emotionally with your audience and stand out in your market

Grab the attention of more and better qualified candidates (research shows that posts with video can receive up to 35% more applications).

Talented candidates are attracted to Companies that show innovative initiatives.

It is a unique way to differentiate from the ocean of “old school” all-in job description posts/ads.

Video animation job ads become a marketing tool that enhances the brand and delivers a more vital Company message.

Savings on recruitment costs can be realized by having a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from, dropping the recruiting time and associated costs, and the need to hire third-party recruiters & agencies.

More and better qualified candidates also mean a greater chance of hiring the right person, and dropping costs associated with employee turnover.

Watch some of the magic!

How it works

Let’s create together an animated piece to get rid of your pain points

screen wtih people inside having a virtual meet taking about a video animation process

Exploratory discussion

We talk about your needs and requirements to develop an understanding of the most viable solution.

sheets with text and graphics and a magnfying glass depicting the initial research and writing related to a explainer video

Research & script development

We set the project goals and plan, collect and research additional information required to develop the video script.

a microphone on top of a storyboard sheet related to the explainer video process

& storyboard creation

Our professional voice talents can provide a warm and clear professional voice for a vibrant story, and our creative team will craft the animation storyboard. Scene by scene, the message will be showcased the most entertainingly and efficiently possible.

a ball bouncing animation on a screen next to some musical notes a play button reflecting the explainer video animation

sounds, and music

We produce captivating motion graphics that will convey your story engagingly and creatively to the viewer. When the animation is ready, sound effects and background music will be carefully selected to enhance the audience's experience and evoke a sonic atmosphere.

play button and social media icons representing and explainer or marketing video being launched

Show it
to the world!

Share your powerhouse animated video on your website, social media channels and other applicable sources.

Meet Our Team, Your Team.

"The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson

dianna barton business consultant from Aztrategy

Dianna Barton


Leandro Oviedo CEO of aztrategy a digital agency for startups and consultant for business service

Leandro Oviedo


Leticia Belia Senior Writer of HR solutions and andimated explainer videos

Leticia Belia

senior business writer

Ruben Wright director of operations

Ruben Wright

director of operations

William Vargas animator designer and creative lead

William Vargas


stephany romero creative lead  animator and video editor from aztrategy

Stephany Romero


Daniela Hernandez creative lead design and animation

Daniela Hernandez


Innovate in your HR & recruitment efforts
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